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Ref. Number : 50307469 Tender Number : 2022_ARMY_531050_1 Tender Prod. No : 2022_ARMY_531050_1
Requirement : Supply of expendable medical stores to military hospital, sevoflurane bottle of 250 ml, piroxicam 40 mg, 2 ml inj, leucoverin 15mg tab, pralidoxime 500mg/20ml inj, diazepam syp 2mg/5ml bottle of 60 ml, carbimazole 20 mg tab, chlorzoxazone 500 mg + diclofenac sodium 50 mg + paracetamol 325 mg tab, nicorandil 48 mg inj, enema sodium phoshate ml 6% sod acid phoshate 16% pack of 100ml, oestrogen cream (concentration 0.06% to 0.1% w/w) (tube of 15 to 50 gms), glycopyrrolate 0.2 mg/ml, 1ml inj, natural surfactant 25 to 80mg/ml inj, dextrose 50%, 25 ml inj, tpn 1 ltr triple chamber bag for central vein contain proteins 30-50 gm/i, lipid 30-45 gm/i glucose 100-160 gm/i, infusion set for insulin pump, set of 10, inj mephentermine 30mg/ml, 10 ml, sachet lactobacillus probiotic , cap rabiprazole 20mg, diclofenac spray, cap/tab alfuzosin 10 mg & dutasteride 0.5 mg combination, tab mirabegron 50 mg, disposable cautery lead, onco bcg vaccine intravesical 40 mg vial, glucostrips (pura) bott of 25 strips ( one glucometer for every 500 strips), trop t, i-gel 1.5, 2,2.5, 3,4,5 each, abg cassettes ( opt icca ts), abg gas cylinder ( opt icca ts), inj collistin , extension tubing with 3-way stopcolck 10 cm in length, betadine (povidone iodine 2%) gargle, paroxetine cr (25 mg), tab baricitinib 4 mg, inj zuclopenthixol (200 mg), cap thiocolchicoside 8 mg, diclofenac diethyamine 2.32% & absolute alcohol 10% topical solution (non-aqueous) bottle of 30 ml, tramadol hcl 50 mg + paracetamol 325mg tab, tab trypsin + chymotrypsin (100,000units), anti d (rho) immunoglobulin human lyophilised freeze dried vial of 300/350mcg, skin marker, aluminium nasal splint, mastoid drill burr (diamond polishing) sizes width 0.5mm,1mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm,5mm,5.5mm (length 70mm), pre filled dental catridge lignocaine with adrenaline (180000) 1.8ml (pack of 10), dental needle 27g, mastoid drill burr (cutting) sizes width 0.5mm,1mm,2.5mm,3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm (length 70mm), bibb laryngectomy/trachestomy protector large, balloon sinus dilation kit, curved dacrocystorhinostomy burr high speed 11cm x 4mm, rotary double lumen tracheostomy tube with two inner cannula and speaking valve with low pressure cuff sizes 5.0,5.5,6.0,6.5 ,7.0,7.5, 8.0,8.5 , bipp (bismuth iodine paraffin paste) 100gm, tab asprin 150 mg, tab fenofibrate 160 mg, tab multivitamin+ zinc (equivalent to zinc), tab diacerin 50mg +glucosamine 500 mg, tab rivaroxaban 15 mg , syp disodium hydrogen bott of 100 ml, tab celizaren 550 mg, inj somatropin 5 mg, iron sucrose 500 mg inj, tab nintedanib 150 mg, tab electanib 600 mg, tab darifenacin 5 mg, compression stockings above knee extra large size, tab azilasarten 40 mg, tab cinitapride 1 mg, tab clinidipine 10 mg, tab entacapone 200 mg, tab olmisartan 40 mg, tab pramipex 1.5 mg, tab primidone 250 mg, tab silodocin 8 mg + dutasteride -0.5 mg, cap neurobion forte, tab acebrophylline 200 mg + n acetylcystane, tab acebrophyllin 200 mg , cap gabapentin 100 mg, tab glyclazide xr 80 mg, tab everolimus 0.5 mg, tab tranxamic acid 500 mg + mefenamic acid 500 mg, tab isosorbide mononitrate 30 mg, tab pancreatin 170mg + activated dimethicone 8mg (pancreoflat), tab acetylcystane 150 mg + taurine 500 mg, tab chlorthalidone 25 mg, tab clopidogrel 75 mg + asprin 75 mg, collagen + glucosamine + vit powder, insulin lantus 100 iu/ml vial of 10 ml, tab lorazepam 2 mg, tab losartan 50 mg + hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg, tan mamentine 5 mg, inj methylcobalamin 500 mcg, tab nicorandil 5 mg, tab nitrocontin 2.6 mg, tab risperidon 1 mg, tab rosuvastatin 10 mg, tab telmesartan 80 mg, tab betahistine 16 mg, tab dosulepine(25mg) , tab pantoprazole 20 mg + domperidone 10 mg, rotacap levosalbutamol 100 mcg+ ipratropium 40mcg, etiozolam 1mg tab, tab piracetam 1200 mg, tab sevelamer hydrochloride 800 mg, tab torsemide 10 mg + spironolactone 25 mg, tab torsemide 20 mg, tab econorm 250 mg, tab ezetimibe 10 mg, tab benidipine hcl 4 mg, tab azelinidipine 16 mg, tab panilipase 4000 iu, tab acotinamide 100 mg, salbutamol rotacap 200 mcg, tab trypsin chymotrypsin 100000 au, testerone gel 1% w/w tube of 5 gms, free style optium h beta ketone strips 10 strips per box for optium neo h blood glucose and ketone monitoring sustem, tab divalproex sod er (1000 mg), tab lorazepam (02 mg), tab paroxetine cr (25 mg), tab quitiapine (100 mg), tab deferasirox (100mg), cap pancreatinminimicrospheres capsules(equivalent to creon 10,000), syp calcium (containing elemental calcium 82mg, vit d3 200 iu and vit b12 2.5mcg per 5ml) bottle of 200ml (equivalent to ostocalcium syrup), tobramycin inhalation solution (respules) usp 300 mg/5ml (equivalent to tobamistrespules), tab lansoprazole 30 mg, tab tolterodine la 4 mg, tab darifenacin 15mg, diclofenac +linseed oil +menthol gel+ methyl slicylate gel tube of 75 gm, inj sodium hyaluronate 20 mg,6ml pfs, cap thiocolchicoside 8mg, acelofenac sr 200mg tab, tab diclofenac na 50 mg + paracetamol 500 mg, tab nimesulide 100mg + tizanidine 2 mg, tab entecapone 250 mg, tab edarovone 60 mg, tab aspirin (soluble) 350 mg , carbimazole 20 mg tab, indacaterol 110mcg and glycopyrronium 50mcg, rifampicin 600 mg+tab inh 300mg tab, fluconazole 50 mg cap/tab, trihexyphenidyl hcl 2 mg tab, tab levodopa 125 mg, folic acid 5 mg tab, turoctocog alpha 500iu inj (human coagulation factor viii (rdna) i.p), gycerl trinitrate cr 2.6 mg, tab, frusemide 20mg + spironolactone 50 mg tab, antacid (chewable) containing ai(oh)3 300mg, mg silicate 25 mg & simethicone 25 mg or megaldrate 480mg+simethicone 20mg, clarithromycin 500mg tab, anti haemorrhoidal ointment containing hydrocortisone acetate 5.58mg, framycetin 10mg heparin 100iu, esculoside 10mg ethyleaminobenzoate 10mg, butyleaminobenzoate 10mg per gm tube of 10 gm with applicator, pancreatin microspheres 150mg cap, oestrogen cream (concentration 0.06% to 0.1% w/w) (tube of 15 to 50 gms), dinoprostone gel 0.5mg(in 3gm/2.5ml gel)/syringe, flurbiprofen sodium ophthalmic sol 0.03% vial of 5 ml, beclomethasone dipropionate nasal spray 50 mcg per dose metered dose 150 units, clonazepam 0.5 mg tab, venlafaxine 37.5mg tab, zolpidem 10 mg tab, levosalbutamol sulphate, 2.5 ml containing 1.25 mg, respule, dextrose monohydrate for oral use in pack of 100 gm with or without vitamins and minerals, finasteride 5 mg tab, ascorbic acid 100 mg tab, infusion set for insulin pump, set of 10, tab dapagliflozin 5mg + metformin 1000mg ir tab, ethambutol 800mg tab, glucosamine 250mg + chondroitin sulphate 200 mg cap, leflunomide 20 mg tab, fentanyl 50mcg transdermal, micronised purified flavinoid fraction 1000mg (daflon), soft gelatin cap antioxidant containing aronia extract 20% -50 mg, leutein 5 mg, zeaxanthin 1 mg, vit c- 20 mg, vit e- 5iu (natural), omega 3 fatty acids- 500mg (docosohexaenoic acid- 125 mg + eicosapentaenoic acid- 15 mg), zinc sulphate- 5 mg, selenium dioxide- 7.5 mg , artesunate 25 mg+sulfadoxime 250 mg+pyrimethamine 12.5 mg, calamine powder, clove oil , tab doultegravir 30 mg , flupenthixol (40 mg) inj, cap gemfibrogil 300 mg , gluco strips for allere bottle of 25 strips ( one glucometer for every 500 strips), glycerine suppositories child size (2g mould), inh salbutamol 400 mg + beclomethazone , inj tryptorline 22.5 mg, tab isoniazid 100 mg with pyridoxine 5 mg , minicaps for capd fluids, tab nalidixic acid 1mg , tab orciprenaline 10 mg , tab piribedil 50 mg , tab resodium 15 mg , respi caps formonide 6 mcg+ glycop, ripasudil 0.4 % w/v eye drops, salmetrol 50mcg + fluticasone 250mcg multi dose dry powder inhaler of 30/60/100 doses powder multi-unit dose inhaler, tab selegiline 50 mg , tenofovir 300 mg +entricitabine 200 mg+atazanavir 300 mg+ ritonovir 100 mg tab, tab zolpidem cr 6.5 mg,

Key Values

EMD : INR 587,049
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 29,352,457
Closing Date : 30/06/2022
Document Sale To : 30/06/2022
Location : Telangana - India

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