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Ref. Number : 50180760 Tender Number : 2022_PRD_279810_1 Tender Prod. No : 2022_PRD_279810_1
Requirement : Supply construction of material and providing equipment - ghadla/kankar/jhajra, mud masala, lime kiln lime for masonry work, cement, ppc, white cement, fine aggregate, sand/gravel, gravel - local, rakhi(fly ash), surkhi, stone powder (in stone dust, masonry work), for other than road work, stone 40mm (hand-broken grit) (cut 1/11) of voids, stone 40mm grit (crushed by crusher) (cuts voids 1/11), 20mm grit of stone (broken by crusher), 12/10/6mm grit of stone (broken by crusher), brick ballast, material for road work (including 5 km lead), 63-40mm hand broken stone block(cut the voids 1/11), 90-45 mm. hand broken stone block(cut voids 1/11), query rubish(cut the voids 1/6), gravel(cut the voids 1/6), kankar(cut the voids 1/6), bidding material (pi 4-6)(cut the voids 1/6), brick (22.5 x 11 x 7.50 cm), first class (i st class), second class, solling / kharja / masonry stone, masonry berdah (rr), masonry scrap (cr), kharja soling (for floor work up to 15cm height), kharja soling (23cm height for road/kharja work), stone arch (width 10-12", length 2-3", thickness 2.5-3.5"), flaky material(3-4" thick & length,1-2" width), sandstone(dpc,sill,coping,lintel,tand,almirha etc.), up to 25mm thickness, up to 25-40mm thickness, up to 40-50mm thickness, up to 50-75mm thickness, up to 75-100mm thickness, up to 100-150mm thickness, floor / patti patan katala stone, floor planks upto 35mm thick, min. 3 sqft or more, cutlery for patti patan 60-75mm thickness, min. 3 sqft or more, unpolished rough kota stone, up to 900 sq cm, 901 to 2300 sq cm, over 2300 sq cm, polished kota stone (one side polished), up to 900 sq cm, 901 to 2300 sq cm, over 2300 sq cm, marble stone (makrana adanga 20mm thick), 901 to 2300 sq cm, up to 900 sq cm, over 2300 sq cm, marble chips, marble powder, marble stone (rajnagar ii quality/local 20mm thick), 901 to 2300 sq cm, up to 900 sq cm, over 2300 sq cm, stone frame, single paytom size 100 x 75 mm., double paitam size 125 x 75 mm., stone strips, up to 1.5 m length, minimum 40mm thick, 1.5 m to 2.40 m length, minimum 50mm thick, 2.4 m to 3.0 m length, minimum 65mm thick, above 3.0 m length, minimum 75mm thick, precast tiles / blocks, glazed size-30x45 cm, mosaic size-40mm thick, vitrified size-60x60 cm, interlock tiles/brick/block for road work, cement interlocking block m-30grade, 60mm thick, cement interlocking block m-30grade, 80mm thick, cement interlocking block m-30grade, 100mm thick, fittings with local wood (for doors, windows and furniture), common, acacia, other, factory made doors (30 mm thick, solid core single pulley), structural steel, iron (tor steel fe 415/500 for reinforcement), winding wire 18 gauge, iron guard, conia iron / chokor bar / patti / angle iron, barbed iron wire(size 12 guage wire and 12 guage strad/12 guage wire and 14 guage strad/14 guage, fake, iron mesh (24 gauge, 14 mesh), cement concrete jali akash patal 40mm thick, glass, 3 mm thick glass, paint, enamel paint, distemper (water bound), lime - for painting (aaras / bud), primer(for iron/wood), petroleum products, diesel hsd, movil oil, bitumen shellitax board (25 mm thick), plain sheet, gi sheet 22 gauge (0.80 mm), gi sheet 24 gauge(0.63 mm), m / s. sheet 22 gauge (0.80 mm), m / s. sheet 24 gauge (0.63 mm), corrugated sheet, gi sheet 1 mm fat, gi sheet 22 gauge(0.80 m.m.), asvestus cement sheet 6mm(2.5/2.75x1m), other sheets, pvc sheet 1 mm thick (colour/plain), green yellow literoof expo sheet(183x90), pipe, gi 15 mm diameter(b class), gi 20 mm diameter(b class), gi 25 mm diameter(b class), ac 75 mm diameter, ac 100 mm diameter, pvc 90 mm diameter(including ring), pvc 110 mm diameter(including ring), pvc 140 mm diameter(including ring), pvc 110mm(2.5kg/sq.cm) my coupler, sanitary, indian w.c., orrisa w.c., european w.c., foot rest, porcelain urinal 430*350*300mm with cuplin, bracket & pvc waste pipe, hand washing pot (wash-basin )450*300mm with cuplin,bracket and pvc. waste pipe, stone screw (s.w.) pipe 100 m.m. diameter, 0.6 m long, c.pillar cock (dia 15 mm) (is mark), cpbib cock (dia 15 mm)(is mark), 125 mm diameter cp grating, rcc np3 hume pipe my collar, 1200mm diameter, 1000mm diameter, 750mm diameter, 600mm diameter, 450mm diameter, 300mm diameter, fr pvc insulated copper conductor single core cable isi marked, 1.50 sq mm, 2.50 sq mm, 4.00 sq mm, 6.00 sq mm, 0.50 sq mm, 1.00 sq mm, 13/0.20 mm twin core pvc shelled, flat flexible copper cable, steel conduit isi marked, 20 mm diameter, 25 mm diameter, pvc conduit isi marked, 20 mm diameter, 25 mm diameter, junction box, 20 mm, one way, 20 mm two way, 25 mm two way, 20 mm one way (pvc), module gi box, for 2 modules, for 3 modules, module base and cover plate, for 2 modules, for 3 modules, modular switch one way, isi marked, sp 5/6 ampere, sp 15/16 ampere, modular socket outlet, isi marked, 3 pin 5/6 amp, 6 pin 15/16 amp, steel fastener 6mm x 75mm, mcb db, 2+2 way, spn, single door, 2+4 way, spn, single door, 2+6 way, spn, single door in mgnrega each work in gp mandal jodha about tender notice ps bherunda

Key Values

Document Fees : INR 2,000
EMD : INR 400,000
Tender Estimated Cost : INR 20,000,000
Closing Date : 29/06/2022
Document Sale To : 29/06/2022
Location : Rajasthan - India

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